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Try out functions of our lights

Switch between functions of Dalen light via remote control buttons or arrows at your will.


Fresh and cool light.

Warm White

Relaxating and warm light.


10 brightness levels adjustable via remote control.


10 brightness levels adjustable via remote control.


Allows confortable sleep.


After 30 minutes light will dim at 90% of its power, saving energy and protecting eyesight.

Night Light

Power only 1-2.5W.


Nature white, the brightest light

Turn off

This button will switch off your light.

Turn on

This button will switch on your light.

Eyesight protection Without a ripple and flicker & PF> 0.95

Using digital camera from 15cm distance proves that no rippling or flickering is visible. Technology of real eyesight protection - excellent invisible family protection.

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Multiple lamp control

Channel switch function

Pushing channel button on remote control for longer than 3 seconds will change the channel.

Settings method example

Pokud jsou kanály dvou svítidel nastaveny oba na pozici CH1, můžeme jedním ovladačem ovládat obě dvě svítidla najednou. Pokud nastavíme kanál jiného svítidla na pozici CH2, můžeme na ovladači dlouze stisknout tlačítko CH2 na více než 3 sekundy, následně pak ovládáme svítidlo na kanálu CH2.

100% brightness

Setting the brightness to 100% will brighten up your interior and does not get your eyes tired over the day's work. This high level we recommend if you work, study, or you spending time with your children over their homework and other activities....

5% brightness night mode

Lowering brightness to 5% will bring you confortable light during your sleep.

Cool White

Refreshingly cool color temperature level is suitable for systematic study and work".

Warm White

Confortable warm light tone creates an pleasant atmosphere during share moments with your family, romantic dinner or relaxating.


10 brightness levels

10 light temperature levels


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